How to say goodbye when leaving a job

There is a right and wrong way to say farewell when leaving a job.
Saying goodbye is never easy, no matter the reason for leaving a job. But how do you go about doing it?

Is an email enough? What about a farewell speech? And if you don't get the chance to say goodbye, does it matter?

Our regular workplace commentator Pilita Clarke from the Financial Times looks back at some good and bad farewells over the past year.

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How to negotiate a pay rise like a boss

Most employees are too afraid to ask for more money
How do you feel about negotiating a pay rise? For many of us, the prospect is a terrifying one. So terrifying that we just don't bother, thinking we'll never find the right words to describe why we might be worth more money. 

Our regular commentator on all matters workplace, Alison Green, is made of much sterner stuff. She has no such fears. So here are her top tips on getting what you're worth.

'Do pop round!'

A Russian guide to British hospitality
Who to kiss, where to sit, and should you take your shoes off? Boris Maksimov's guide for BBC Russian audiences on how not to offend when invited into a British home for dinner. Starting with the invitation itself.

Image: A 1960s advertising shot showing a meal being served
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What is Jam Karet?

Business meetings in Indonesia operate on a different timeframe
Doing business around the world isn't easy. 

Different rules and regulations can often become frustrating. But there are also more delicate issues. How to greet people for example? Do you shake hands? Is it one kiss or two? And when it comes to striking a deal, does money talk, or is wining and dining the way forward? 

There is one common ground rule though: show up on time and come prepared. But as Szu Ping Chan has been finding out, this isn't always the case in Indonesia...

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Survival tips for interns

If you want to work on Wall Street, an internship will establish if you sink or swim
Work long hours, don't complain and do not ask questions that can be answered on Google. 

Those are just some of the tips being offered up to the newest batch of investment banking interns.

Our regular workplace commentator Pilita Clark, ran over the advice with a sharp-toothed comb.

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