Jo Cox

Lord Mayor reveals 'hateful and abusive' letters

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield says he hopes to "defeat" hate after regularly receiving "dozens of abusive and hateful letters".

The edited letter

Magid Magid, who took up the role almost a year ago, says he's kept a "hate box" which he's filled with letters he received during his time as mayor.

He's shared the images on social media as a "harsh reminder" of hate and intolerance in communities.

One letter, which he says he received recently, makes reference to murdered West Yorkshire MP Jo Cox and uses racist remarks to describe Mr Magid.

He ended his post saying hate can cause real harm, but "by embracing courage, compassion and a vision of hope - we can defeat it".

Former Home Secretary to chair Jo Cox charity

Former home secretary and Redditch MP, Jacqui Smith, has been appointed chair of the Jo Cox Foundation, set up in the wake of the Labour MP’s murder in 2016.

Jo Cox / Jadqui Smith

She said she was "enormously excited and honoured" to take on the role.

The charity undertakes initiatives that Jo was passionate about such as loneliness, the protection of civilians in conflict and supporting women to enter public life.

Jacqui Smith, who was already a member of the Foundation board, said she hoped to use the role to counter the "toxic level of public debate" in the country.

Many people feel that this is a divided country with an increasingly toxic level of public debate. Jo wouldn't have stood for that. She would have reached out and built a movement for positive change - strengthening local communities, leading respectful national debate and advocating for a fairer world."

Jacqui Smith
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