North Korea weapons programme

Kim and Putin meet for first summit in Russia

What are the two leaders hoping to get out of the meeting?
Russian President Vladimir Putin and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are meeting for their first summit in the Russian city of Vladivostok. 

During their opening remarks, Mr Putin said he wanted to help calm Korean tensions and Mr Kim said he hoped for a productive meeting. But what else might the two leaders be hoping for?

Professor Andrei Lankov, a Russian scholar of Korean studies, lived for years where few outsiders have ever been - the North Korean capital Pyongyang. What does he think Kim Jong-un stands to gain from the summit?

(Photo: Kim and Putin shake hands at their first summit in Vladivostok. Credit: AFP)

What is life like after you defect from North Korea?

North Korea's most famous defector Thae Yong-Ho talks about Kim Jong-un's priorities
As North Korea successfully tests a major new weapon, we speak to its most famous defector, Thae Yong-Ho. He was North Korea's deputy ambassador to the UK. An established member of North’s political establishment, he had previously held other diplomatic posts in Denmark and Sweden. Then in 2016 he made the monumental - and extremely dangerous - decision to defect to South Korea. He remains the highest-ranking diplomat in recent years to defect from North Korea. In a wide-ranging interview he told World Update's Dan Damon about the mindset of other high-ranking members of the North Korean regime and whether they do still believe in the idea of a socialist system.

(IMAGE: A video-grab from AFPTV footage of Thae Yong-Ho at the North Korean Embassy in London, November 2014 CREDIT:  AFP PHOTO / AFPTV / KATIE SCHUBAUBRKATIE SCHUBAUBR/AFP/Getty Images)