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  1. The spy game – China's tactics, the threat to the UK and how we respond

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    Video caption: Christine Lee and MI5. A rare warning and what it says about Chinese influence in the UK.

    China denies interfering in UK politics after MI5 warned an agent of the country had infiltrated Parliament. But what does that warning say about relations between the countries?

  2. Prime Minister 'shameless' says West Yorkshire mayor

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter

    West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin has told BBC Radio Leeds she thinks the Prime Minister is "shameless" after he admitted going to a party in the Downing Street garden during the first coronavirus lockdown.

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    Video caption: Tracy Brabin says Boris Johnson has not led by example.

    Boris Johnson has apologised for the way he handled the event in May 2020 but says he "believed implicitly" that it was a work engagement.

    Speaking on the Message the Mayor phone-in, Tracy Brabin said: "What's leadership about, but what you do?

    "We all saw the Queen, when she lost her lifelong partner, alone at a funeral doing the right thing, showing leadership by example - and that's what we've not had from Boris Johnson."

    Meanwhile, some members of the Conservative Party in West Yorkshire have called for Mr Johnson to resign.

    Josh Sheard, 20, (pictured below) is a Conservative councillor in Kirklees.

    Councillor Josh Sheard

    Mr Sheard said: "In 2019 I had the utmost support for the prime minister but he's not made it easy for himself.

    "My support for him went on a downward slope when we found out about the Christmas party. I think the only honourable thing he can do is resign."

    And Lord Timothy Kirkhope of Harrogate - a former Leeds MP and Yorkshire and Humber MEP - says Mr Johnson should consider his position.

    Lord Kirkhope said: "I do think we are coming to a point when he may be well advised to put his position up - for the Members of Parliament in House of Commons and the wider party to make a decision on whether he should continue or not."

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    Video caption: Covid: PM 'politically paralysed,' says Mark Drakeford

    Wales' first minister said England was a “global outlier” when it came to coronavirus.

  4. Omicron - your questions answered

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    Video caption: Our experts answer some of your questions on the latest Covid 19 developments.

    With rising Covid infection rates, new data and changes to testing rules, our Health and Science Correspondent, James Gallagher, answers some of your questions.