Glastonbury Festival

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Exeter medical students treat thousands at Glastonbury

Hayley Westcott

BBC News Online

Staff and students from the University of Exeter Medical School treated nearly 5,000 patients at Glastonbury Festival, including a case of mumps.

They volunteer at Glastonbury annually as part of the Festival Medical Services (FMS) programme - completing an intense emergency care training course to prepare them for the extremities of the festival.

The case of mumps arose early in the week when a university student came forward with symptoms.

This year's festival saw highs of 27C (80F), leading the the team to treat a significant number of people for dehydration and sunstroke.


Summer Popplestone, a third year medicine student, said the most "memorable case" for her was helping a young man who had accidentally overdosed on recreational drugs.

"My partner and I were the first medical staff on scene and the patient was completely unresponsive and not breathing properly," she said.

“Thanks to our training we were able to support his breathing and ensure his condition did not worsen while waiting for an urgent ambulance transfer to get him to hospital.

"I definitely learned a lot that I can take forward into the fourth year of medical school and beyond."