War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

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    Video caption: Afghanistan: The teenage girls returning to school under the Taliban

    The BBC's John Simpson visits Bamiyan to find out out whether the Taliban really have stopped girls attending secondary school.

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    Video caption: BBC's Simpson revisits Afghanistan under the Taliban

    In 2001, the BBC's World Affairs editor was part of the team which entered the city when the Taliban fell.

  3. Halifax's heartfelt welcome for Afghan refugees

    Daragh Corcoran

    BBC Radio Leeds

    Refugees from Afghanistan have been invited to a welcome event in Halifax.

    Children at Halifax Academy

    The Orange Box young people's centre has gathered hundreds of messages of goodwill from young people in Calderdale, written on orange hearts.

    One of the messages says: "We will welcome you if you don't have anywhere to sleep."

    The event is taking place on Tuesday evening at the St Augustine's Centre in Halifax.

    Sara Robinson from the centre, which helps with refugee resettlement, says: "The Orange Heart is part of national campaign called 'Together with Refugees'.

    "A heart, because it's about open hearts and a welcome and orange because that's the colour of the refugee flag and of lifebelts."

    Afghans who worked for the British government or military have been the first to arrive with their families in West Yorkshire, after their country fell to the Taliban regime.

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    Video caption: Escaping the Taliban: Afghan policeman's struggle to enter Turkey

    Former soldiers and police are among Afghans trying to evade a crackdown at the Turkey-Iran border.