War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

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    Video caption: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani: 'This is not Vietnam'

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told the BBC that he does not fear a military takeover by the Taliban.

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    Video caption: How Afghanistan police train for Taliban attacks and suicide bombers

    Police in Afghanistan are training to deal with militant attacks amid Taliban threats.

  3. Bitter Lake

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    Video caption: An adventurous and epic film by Adam Curtis.

    Bitter Lake is an adventurous and epic film that explains why the big stories that politicians tell us have become so simplified that we can’t really see the world any longer.

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    Video caption: Kabul University attack: Fears for mental health one month on

    One month after the Kabul University attack, students worry about the impact it's had on their mental health.

  5. Australia elite troops 'killed Afghan civilians'

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    Video caption: The Chief of the Defence Force, Angus Campbell, has apologised for a 'warrior culture'

    A report recommends that 19 current or former soldiers should be investigated by police over the killings of "prisoners, farmers or civilians" between 2009 and 2013