AO Air's face mask uses fans for cleaner breathing
The fans de-pollute and cool the air meaning the mask does not need a tight seal against the face.
CES 2020: Samsung's invisible keyboard for smartphones
Samsung's SelfieType scans finger taps on a table using the smartphone's front camera.

Netflix rival will limit show times to 10 minutes

CES 2020: Quibi aims to change how we watch shows on phones

A deep-pocketed new streaming service has revealed it will launch in the US on 6 April.

Quibi has raised $1bn (£763m) in funds and commissioned some of Hollywood's biggest names to make content for its mobile-only service. Each show will be 10 minutes or shorter.

The firm intends to charge $4.99 (£3.80) per month for basic access and $7.99 for an ad-free version.

But one industry-watcher questioned consumers' willingness to pay.

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