CES 2019: Smart socket to charge your devices
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at a new smart socket for charging devices.
Stratosphere tower Las Vegas

Zoe Kleinman

Technology reporter, BBC News

A man took a photo of a lidar sensor system on display at a tech fair and found pink dots on all his photos afterwards.

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CES 2019: Virtual reality shoes are exhausting to use
A pair of shoes that allows owners to walk about in virtual reality worlds proves exhausting to use.
CES 2019: The sat nav of the future has arrived
A car dashboard that can display directions and points of interest as holograms has been developed.
CES 2019: Wristband can control your body temperature
BBC Click's Nick Kwek goes into sub-zero temperatures to test a wristband that can warm you up.

CES 2019: 'I feel my sanity draining away'

CES in Las Vegas
Getty Images

CES - a tech trade show where the exhibit hall spans 2.7 million sq ft (250,000 sq m) - can leave attendees either enthralled or burned out.

With more than 160,000 techies, journalists and businesspeople in attendance, there was plenty of chatter on social media.

For those who spent significant time on the show floor, perhaps Ed Zitron, chief executive at EZPR, summed it up best after he was confronted with a light that promised to visualise his body temperature in colour.

"Come see your mood," a sign beckoned.

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