Finsbury Park mosque attack

New Zealand attacks: Finsbury Park imam condemns far-right extremism
Mohammed Mahmoud, who was hailed for his response to a London attack, condemns the Christchurch shootings.

Jeremy Corbyn praises Finsbury Park community response

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the repsonse of the community following last year's terror attack at Finsbury Park "is a model for us all".

Jeremy Corbyn

In a statement he said: "A year on from the tragic attack outside Muslim Welfare House London in Finsbury Park, when a man filled with hate drove into a crowd of people after prayers, we remember the life that was lost and those still suffering from the aftermath - and the inspiring response of our community.

"One man, Makram Ali, was killed and eight people were injured in this terrible attack that brought terror to our streets.

"But the response of our community - people of all faiths and none - was to come together in solidarity and strength.

"We showed that we would not be divided or defeated and we never will be.

"The response of the community in Finsbury Park is a model for us all: through supporting each other in solidarity, treating each other with respect and learning from each other, we can create a better, more peaceful and prosperous world."

Finsbury Park attack: Silence held for Finsbury Park victims
Politicians joined community figures and Makram Ali's family outside Islington Town Hall.

Met Commissioner releases Finsbury Park statement

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has released a statement on the first anniversary of the Finsbury Park terror attack:

Today our thoughts are with Makram Ali, who died in the attack at Finsbury Park last year. A husband, father, brother, grandfather – much loved and deeply missed. In the Met we also remember all those who were injured that night and those who were caught up in the horror. London is a city of many faiths and many nationalities. Our strength is our unity. The way the local community in Finsbury Park – of all faiths and all backgrounds – came together and remains so strong together is inspirational. A true reflection of our City.

Finsbury Park victim: 'Some people are afraid'
Tahseen Ahmed Chowdhury, a victim of the Finsbury Park attack, says a year on some people are still afraid.