Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Pet oxygen mask used on cat rescued from Watford fire

Firefighters in Hertfordshire have demonstrated their new oxygen masks, specially designed for pets.

They've posted a picture on Twitter of the equipment in action at a fire in Watford on Saturday night.

The post said the kit was "put to good use" on a cat, which was rescued from a flat and had breathed in smoke.

Pet oxygen mask being used on a cat in Watford.
Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

The force announced earlier this year it had bought specialist pet oxygen masks, thanks to donations from animal lovers, and hoped to roll them out to all of its fire engines.

The masks range in size for small pets such as hamsters, snakes, dogs and cats, and larger animals such as sheep and horses.

Hertfordshire Fire Service shows its new oxygen masks with a dog and a hamster.
Hertfordshire County Council