Jonathan Ashworth

Labour not 'sitting on the fence'

Jonathan Ashworth

Labour shadow cabinet member Jon Ashworth has denied that his party's position on Brexit is "sitting on the fence".

He says he is not complacent about tonight's results and that the party will need to "understand, debate and discuss" the outcome before deciding on where the party goes from here.

Shadow Health Secretary: Labour is not a pro-Brexit party

Andrew Marr spoke to the Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth

Samaritans to help tackle online harm

The social media companies will fund the Samaritans' work
Social media companies are to work with the Samaritans to tackle the promotion of self-harm on their sites. 

The firms agreed to fund the strategy at a summit in London on Monday. 

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, told MPs that they also promised to take action to stop misinformation about child vaccinations being spread. 

Mandy Baker reports.

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Jon Ashworth on the NHS funding pledge

Jon Ashworth pledges to match the government's NHS spending plan
Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth has told the Sunday Politics that the Labour Party would match Conservative spending plans for the NHS – and go further.

He refused to be drawn on how the Labour Party would fund such a rise, saying “it’s the government who’ve made this announcement today, it’s for them to say what taxation changes they’re going to bring forward”.