Down's syndrome

Covid-19 coma: 'It's every mum's worst nightmare'
Natalie Stephens who has Down's syndrome is learning to walk and talk again after having Covid-19.
Social bubbles: First Sunday lunch in three months
David, who has Down's Syndrome and autism, found lockdown without his sister "very difficult".

Losing a 'beacon of light' in the UK's Jewish community

Yechiel Yosef Rothschild was known simply as "YY" to his friends

The family of Yechiel Yosef Rothschild - who died of Covid-19 last week - describe him as a "beacon of light" of the UK's Orthodox Jewish community.

Mr Rothshild - who lived in sheltered accommodation in north London and had Down's syndrome - was lovingly referred to by many friends simply as "YY". He was just 20.

Britain’s Jewish community - about 264,000 people - has suffered a high death toll, with more than 450 losing their lives to the virus.

Some of the reasons for that are demographic: many Jews are older, and they are more likely to live in large urban areas. These factors are among those which increase the risk of infection or death. But has the often social nature of Judaism also played a role?

BBC correspondent John McManus has been to the heart of the Jewish community to meet some of those affected by Covid-19.

Losing a ‘beacon of light’ of the UK’s ultra-Orthodox community to coronavirus
The UK’s Jewish population has been hit particularly hard by coronavirus, religious and community leaders say.