University of Aberdeen

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    Video caption: Covid in Scotland: How should students self-isolate?

    Students caught up in coronavirus outbreaks in Scotland are asked to stay home, keep apart, sleep alone and keep cleaning bathrooms.

  2. Students issued with fines for guideline breaches

    University of Aberdeen

    Students at the University of Aberdeen have been fined for coronavirus guidelines breaches.

    The university said it was aware of social gatherings outside the Hillhead Halls of Residence at the weekend.

    A statement said: “Breaches such as those that occurred at the weekend will not be tolerated.

    "As a result of non-compliance with the guidelines, and by failing to take action following warnings from our staff, the students involved are being issued with a fine.”

  3. Team to research lockdown behaviours

    Woman in facemask

    Behavioural scientists from the University of Aberdeen have been awarded £325,000 to carry out a six-month investigation into lockdown behaviours.

    The study is aimed at helping inform Scottish government policy on dealing with Covid-19.

    It will examine whether people are adhering to guidelines, the impact the rules are having on mental and physical health, and what triggers changes.

    Prof Diane Dixon said: “Transmission reducing behaviours such as social distancing and hand washing are essential to quashing the pandemic - but adherence varies as they severely disrupt normal life."