South Carolina

  1. Lindsey Graham celebrates retaining senate seat

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    Video caption: Republican Senator Lindsay Graham: 'Pollsters, you have no idea what you're doing'

    Key Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham has told supporters he is going back to the Senate "with a purpose" after holding on to his seat in South Carolina.

    Graham, who is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee, appeared to be in the fight of his political life against an opponent who had raised record amounts of campaign funding.

    He said: "I've never wanted my job more than I do now. I've never appreciated my job more than I do now. I've never been more grateful to have it, and I've never been more prepared to do it than I am now."

    His victory is a boost for Republicans looking to keep their Senate majority.

    Outlining his priorities he told supporters: "We are going to put our national security interests ahead of everything else because without national security, nothing else matters."

  2. Lindsey Graham wins Senate re-election in South Carolina - AP

    Lindsey Graham on the campaign trail

    Trump ally Lindsey Graham has held on to his Senate seat in South Carolina, according to reporting from the Associated Press, Fox News and the New York Times.

    The veteran politician appeared to be in the fight of his political life this year, and was up against an opponent who had raised record amounts.

    It was an unexpectedly close race for a conservative state where Graham has been senator for close to two decades.

    Heading into election night, Republicans hold a narrow, three-seat advantage in the Senate. This loss will disappoint Democrats looking to snatch away that majority.

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  3. Trump projected to win South Carolina


    Donald Trump is projected to win his 10th state of the night - South Carolina. It's another southern Republican stronghold. It's voted for the Grand Old Party in every race in the last 40 years.

    Here's our North America reporter Anthony Zurcher's analysis on this projection:

    For a few moments in the final months of this campaign, Democrats entertained thoughts that South Carolina might be within reach for Joe Biden. It’s seen some of the demographic changes that have made Georgia and North Carolina more fertile ground for the party.

    It turns out that was not the case. It appears safe to say this will not be a landslide election for Joe Biden, and South Carolina will remain firmly Republican for another four years.

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    Deadly Tropical Storm Isaias has cut a swathe of destruction along parts of the East Coast.

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    Video caption: 'Angry' alligator visits US family's home

    The reptile, known locally as Big George ambled onto a property on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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    Seen as the front-runner, Bernie Sanders came under fire from his Democratic opponents over topics such as gun control and healthcare.

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    Video caption: US man breaks record for completing marathon in an exoskeleton

    Despite being paralysed from the waist down, Adam Gorlitsky finished the Charleston Marathon in 33 hours, 16 minutes and 28 seconds.

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    Video caption: Thousands evacuate as high winds, flooding and power outages sweep the Atlantic coast.

    Hurricane Dorian pummels South Carolina's shores with tornadoes and flooding. Thousands are evacuated from Charleston.