Online traders rush to register for VAT

Graph showing online traders registering for VAT

Some 38,000 traders on online retail platforms like eBay and Amazon have registered with HMRC to pay VAT for the first time in the past year, reckons accountants BDO.

That's up 31% from 29,000 a year ago the firm says.

It follows HMRC's targeting of suspected VAT evaders which has led to thousands of sellers being removed from eBay and Amazon in the past year.

HMRC reported in January 2019 that it had ‘red flagged’ 4,600 businesses, mostly in China, for failing to pay VAT on online sales in the UK.

Tanzanian wig tax angers women

Importers will be hit with 25% tax
Wigs and hair extensions are big business in Africa. In Tanzania women are claiming they're being unfairly targeted after the government there announced a 25% tax on imports of such hair products. 

Someone who's definitely not happy is Ruth Josephat Urio, who owns a business called J'Adore Wigs in Tanzania's most populous city, Dar Es Salaam. Ruth designs the wigs, gets them made in China, then imports them into Tanzania.

(IMAGE: Wigs on mannequins in a shop; Getty Images)

MPs hear an unhealthy food tax may be needed

Top medical adviser says action is needed to cut consumption of unhealthy foods.
The Government's top medical advisor for England has confirmed to MPs that a tax on unhealthy foods could be one way to help people to improve their diet and reduce the growing problem of obesity. Other ideas could include plain packaging for some products - like crisps. Simon Jones reports.
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Loan charge - retrospective tax bills for freelancers
IT contractors, oil and gas workers, locum doctors, social workers and nurses who took advice from accountants, recruitment firms and tax advisers face unexpected tax demands.

Former Google bosses on taxation, China and ‘doing the right thing’

Former Google bosses on taxation, China and ‘doing the right thing’
‘Don’t be Evil’ was famously the Google motto, now it's ‘Do the Right Thing’. So with employee walkouts, China deals and low corporate taxation…  How’s that working out for them?

Emily Maitlis is joined here by Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt and former Senior Vice President Jonathan Rosenberg.