This 2015 exchange took place on a bridge over the Piusa River between Estonia and Russia
Footage of Russian and Estonian officials exchanging two convicted spies is released.

Uncovering NSO's Whatsapp spyware hack

John Scott-Railton with Citizen Lab helped WhatsApp investigate the NSO Group
John Scott-Railton with Citizen Lab in Toronto helped WhatsApp investigate the NSO Group over the alleged WhatsApp hack. He says the subsequent lawsuit is a “certified big deal.” On the heels of Facebook filing a lawsuit against Israeli company NSO Group — alleging that it was behind the massive WhatsApp hack earlier this year — privacy experts say that the move is “popping the unaccountable bubble” that commercial spyware companies have carved out for themselves.

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"I fear people I've been messaging will be killed"

Rwandan opposition politician Placide Kayumba was targeted by NSO's WhatsApp hack
Facebook-owned WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against Israel's NSO Group, alleging the firm was behind cyber-attacks that infected devices with malicious software. WhatsApp accuses the company of sending malware to roughly 1,400 mobile phones for the purposes of surveillance. Users affected included journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, and diplomats. Rwandan opposition politician Placide Kayumba, living in exile in Belgium, was targeted by the hack and now fears for lives of activists he's been in touch with in Rwanda.

PHOTO: Placide Kayumba