1. Episode 3

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    Video caption: Exploring the growing tension between China and the west.

    This third film explores the growing tension over allegations that the Chinese state has engaged in large-scale industrial espionage and hacking to steal the west's business secrets.

  2. Africa Eye: Kenya’s Spy Queen

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    Video caption: Africa Eye explores the secretive and controversial world of Kenya’s Spy Queen, Jane Mugo
  3. Yellow Canary

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    Video caption: Wartime thriller set aboard a Canada-bound ship. Starring Richard Greene and Anna Neagle.

    Wartime thriller set aboard a ship bound for Canada from Britain, in which an undercover agent is approached by a Nazi spy scheming to sabotage a British convoy in Nova Scotia.

  4. Masterspy of Moscow: George Blake

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    Video caption: Film about the spy George Blake, who escaped from jail and fled to the Soviet Union.

    A Storyville documentary. Cold War spy George Blake betrayed his colleagues to the KGB, then escaped from Wormwood Scrubs five years later and fled to the Soviet Union.