Venezuela crisis: Protesters clash with security forces
Security forces use water cannon and tear gas against demonstrators in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

Maduro appears defiant as tensions rise in Caracas

"If Maduro doesn't get Guaidó...Guaidó will get Maduro"
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has alleged that President Nicolas Maduro had been prepared to leave Venezuela on Tuesday, but was talked down by Russia. 

It comes as tensions between opposition and government supporters continued into the night. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó had called on the military to help him end the president's rule. Protesters have taken to the streets, but in a defiant television address, Mr Maduro praised the military for remaining loyal.

Local journalist Carlos Camacho told us that shooting was continuing into the night close to a strategic airfield in the centre of Caracas.

(Photo: An anti-government solider seen with his machine gun. Credit: Getty Images)