Plastic bag charge

  1. Shops will be asked for views on bag pricing

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey retailers will be asked for their views on how much shops should charge for carrier bags, as part of a push to cut down on plastic waste.

    The island's government has agreed to ban single-use plastic bags, but people will still be able to buy stronger quality ones for a minimum price.

    Plastic bags

    The changes are due to come in early next year.

    The minister responsible, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said businesses will also be asked whether other single-use items could be banned from shops.

  2. 5p plastic bag charge lifted for home deliveries

    The 5p charge for single-use carrier bags has been lifted for three months during the coronavirus outbreak for grocery deliveries and collections.

    The Welsh Government said it had taken the decision to "minimise the risk" to home delivery staff and customers.

    Plastic shopping bags
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    Video caption: Davos: The plastic bags trying to save the planet

    Daphna Nissenbaum discusses her compostable plastic bags and how they could help save the planet.

  4. Ban plastic bag petition signed by more than 6,300 people

    The petition has been presented to Environment and Infrastructure President Barry Brehaut - representing the States.

    Mads Norman, co-vice-chair of Plastic Free Guernsey which launched the petition, said: "As a small island we have the potential to set a precedent and be leaders in the fight against unnecessary plastics.

    "We are requesting a ban on all plastic carrier bags on island, whether they be classed as single use, or ‘bags for life’.

    "We are not requesting a switch to stores providing paper or fabric bags, but a push to encourage islanders to bring their own reusable bags.

    "If we want to portray ourselves as an island leading on sustainability, we need to change our habits accordingly."

    Plastic bags

    It is the first time the group, which encourages the use of alternatives to single use plastic, has lobbied for a change in law.

    Deputy Brehaut said his committee was liaising with Guernsey Waste and the local industry "to discuss the options available".

    He said the committee members have already agreed to work up proposals to submit to the States but they were in the "very early stages of the process".

    In 2008 the island introduced a voluntary 5p charge for bags from supermarkets.

  5. John Lewis makes Oxford Street plastic bag-free

    John Lewis store

    John Lewis Oxford Street branch is set to become the first department store to eradicate plastic bags.

    The department store chain is scrapping its 5p plastic bags and introducing reusable click-and-collect bags.

    The retailer said it will use the Oxford Street trial to learn how it could expand the initiative to other locations.

    As well as the plastic bag free trial, the department store will introduce click and collect bags made from recycled materials – helping to save over five tonnes of plastic waste, it says.

    “Our customers have told us they want us to help them reduce their impact on the planet and that reducing and recycling packaging is key for them,” said Stephen Cawley, partner and head of sustainability at John Lewis.

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    Video caption: Plastic pollution: how plastic bags could help save the planet

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