Ukraine Iran plane crash

'It’s very difficult to cope with the memories'

Hamed Esmaeilion lost his wife and daughter in the Iran plane crash
It's been a month since a Ukrainian Airlines plane crashed a few minutes after take-off from Tehran airport with the loss of all a hundred and seventy six people on board. The Iranian authorities at first insisted the crash was likely caused by a technical error. It took them three days to admit that the plane had in fact been brought down unintentionally by missiles fired by Iran's Revolutionary Guards at a time when Iran's air defences were on high alert in case the US retaliated for Iranian strikes hours earlier on American bases in Iraq. Iran since has been obstructing the investigation into the crash and has refused to hand over the black box flight recorder. Canadian Iranian Hamed Esmaeilion lost his nine year old daughter Reera and wife, Parisa, in the crash.

(Photo: Hamed Esmaeilion, his wife, Parisa, and daughter, Reera. Credit: Hamed Esmaeilion)