Snow and sleet falls across much of region

It's been a surprising chilly start with sleet and snow welcoming early risers.

The Press Association's Owen Humphreys has been out and about and took this shot near Allendale, Northumberland.

It's set to stay quite cold through the day. Take care if you're out on the roads this morning.

Snow covered road near Allendale, Northumberland,

Devon would 'struggle to cope' with prolonged snow

Daniel Clark

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Devon would "struggle to cope" with prolonged periods of snow and leave some communities at risk of being cut off, a report has revealed.

A task group was set up to examine Devon County Council’s current winter policy after last winter’s snow and ice across the county, including the Beast from the East.

Devon gritters

The group agreed the current plans were sufficient, but said there could have been better coordinated volunteer and community response, and that communities would have struggled if the snow continued.

It also slammed members of the public who ignored the widespread warnings from weather forecasters about the dangers of driving in such conditions, which resulted in vehicles becoming stranded and an increased risk to the public and emergency services.

Councillors are recommending no cuts to be made to Devon’s winter gritting routes, and the task group said that it would be difficult to add any new roads to the salting routes.