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Dermot Kennedy: 'We were determined to do something unique'

Dermot Kennedy and Paul Mescal create a unique performance in the Natural History Museum.
Dermot Kennedy has teamed up with actor Paul Mescal to create a performance in the Natural History Museum that he says wouldn’t have been possible in front of a live audience.

Socially distanced and live-streamed gigs have been a tried by a number of bands and artists around the world but Dermot says he wasn't interested in just playing a bunch of songs and staring at a camera.

The team devised a show that mixes Dermot’s music with Paul's acting to create a performance they hope fans will feel is more of an artistic piece than a pure music gig.

Newsbeat was there to speak to Dermot before the show on 30 July.

Video filmed and produced by Matt Wareham.