UK National Minimum Wage

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    Video caption: Coronavirus' 'minimum wage heroes'

    Hear from the people on low wages who are taking a risk to keep the country running.

  2. Higher minimum wage plans

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    BBC Radio 4


    Both Labour and Conservatives plan to raise the minimum wage, Labour fastest.

    Robert Joyce, deputy director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies says "these are really big ambitious plans".

    For some employers this will push up their wage bills, especially in food and accommodation, he says. Critics say it could push up unemployment as a consequence, although that never seems to happen.

    "This history of minimum wage is one of repeated warnings" over unemployment, he says, "followed by reassurances after minimum wage rises have happened that doesn't seem to have materialised."

    But you can't have infinitely high wages without some effect, he maintains.

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    Video caption: Low wages in coastal communities: ‘We live on nothing’

    The Coram family live on a deprived estate in Penzance and say low wages make daily life a struggle.