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    Video caption: The young girl who swims with her pet python

    Eight-year-old Inbar and her 3m pet python enjoy a swim in the pool.

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    Video caption: Boa constrictor captured beside River Thames

    A large boa constrictor which was spotted slithering beside the Thames in south-west London has been captured.

  3. 700 RSPCA incidents in Cumbria during lockdown

    The RSPCA has responded to more than 700 incidents in Cumbria since lockdown.

    The animal welfare charity says that since 23 March, it's attended an average of five incidents a day - equating to 743 in total.

    A snake on the grass

    Among the rescues, officers collected a 3-ft long corn snake from a Workington allotment on 11 April, after it was found under a bin lid.

    The charity says its finances have been affected by the pandemic, due to additional costs such as buying personal protective equipment.

  4. Frantic search for corn snake that slipped his tank lid

    The frantic owner of a corn snake has issued a plea on social media in a bid to find her pet that has gone missing in the NR3 area of Norwich.

    Leah Spagatner assures everyone that the corn snake is not venomous.

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    She said: "Ghostie is a ghost corn snake - grey with a chess board underbelly.

    "He is not a danger at all, he won't bite and is not venomous. His tank lid was slightly ajar for some unknown reason."