Nigel Farage

2019 European elections: Nigel Farage on UK taking part
The former UKIP leader is getting ready for May's European elections saying it was "pretty much unavoidable" that Brexit will not have happened by then.

DISCUSSION: Nigel Farage launches new 'Brexit' party

DISCUSSION: Nigel Farage launches new 'Brexit' party
Nigel Farage is launching a new 'Brexit' party.
Emily is joined by Owen Jones, Steven Woolfe and John McTernan to discuss.
Nigel Farage 'looking for new party'
The ex-UKIP leader says if the UK ends up contesting the European Parliament elections, he will be on a party list.
Brexit: UK withdrawal agreement is 'the best possible deal'
After 20 months of negotiations, EU leaders have given the UK's deal their blessing in Brussels.

Farage: 'I hope parliament votes it down'

Former UKIP leader wants UK to leave the EU without a deal