1. Adaptation, Evolution and Inheritance

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    Video caption: Learn about animal and plant adaptation, inheritance and the theory of evolution.

    Learn about animal and plant adaptation, inheritance and the theory of evolution.

  2. Expanding Universe

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    Video caption: Prof Brian Cox visits the USA to retell evolutionary history and the origin of the senses.

    Brian Cox travels across the USA offering a unique retelling of evolutionary history, encountering some astonishing animals that reveal how the senses evolved and how they operate.

  3. What Is Life?

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    Video caption: Professor Brian Cox journeys to South-East Asia to understand how life first began.

    In the world's most volcanic region, South East Asia, Prof Brian Cox explores the thin line that separates the living from the dead, posing the enduring question: what is life?

  4. By Victoria Gill

    Science correspondent, BBC News

    Babbling bat pup (c) Michael Stifter

    Babbling in baby bats bears a striking resemblance to human infants learning to talk, researchers find.

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  5. The Late Devonian Extinction

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    Video caption: Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss one of the five major extinction events on Earth so far.

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the disappearance of up to 70 per cent of species roughly 370 million years ago at the end of The Age of Fishes, and the range of possible causes.

  6. Me and my beard - an intimate portrait

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    Video caption: Why do men have beards? An intimate portrait of men and what their beards mean to them.
  7. The Appendix

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    Video caption: Kimberley Wilson and Xand van Tulleken find out why the appendix isn’t useless after all.

    Psychologist Kimberley Wilson and Dr Xand van Tulleken take a journey around the human body. Today, they discover the truth about an organ long dismissed as useless: the appendix.

  8. The Compulsive Communicators

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    Video caption: David Attenborough looks at how and why humans have come to dominate life on earth.

    David Attenborough seeks to explain how we came to dominate life on earth, tracing the African origins of humans to nearly three million years ago.