Mixed reality

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    Video caption: How a hologram can show a patient’s heart during surgery

    The team hope the AR tool will help improve accuracy when treating arrhythmias.

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    Video caption: Smart contact lens: 'Seriously sci-fi'

    Mojo Vision has revealed its new lens which puts augmented reality in front of your eyes.

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    Video caption: Will virtual clothes transform how we shop?

    A smartphone app can make a detailed virtual avatar allowing you to try on a whole range of clothes.

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    Video caption: Can AR goggles make swimming more fun?

    BBC Click's Chris Fox tries augmented reality goggles that help swimmers track their exercise

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    Video caption: Monsters and power-ups in new go-kart experience

    Drivers can score points by shooting virtual monsters while racing each other.

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    Video caption: Goggles help blind girl see animals again

    Maisy McAdam is registered blind following a brain tumour but the tech amplifies remaining vision.

  7. Niantic acquires UK game developer

    British game developer Sensible Object
    Image caption: British game developer Sensible Object

    Niantic, the US game developer behind the phenomenally successful augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go and the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game, has agreed to purchase London-based game developer Sensible Object.

    Sensible Object, founded in 2014, has a particular focus on large-scale outdoor social gaming experiences that combine physical and digital play.

    Niantic wants to use these technologies to improve and expand the real-world augmented reality experiences in its mobile games.

  8. Exploring Barriers in VR - Jamie Knight + Lion

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    Video caption: Jamie Knight + Lion share the latest on their research on access barriers to VR.

    Jamie Knight + Lion, Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC, share the latest on their research on access barriers to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

  9. Reality

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    Video caption: Reality itself is changing, so how will we experience and understand reality in future?

    Reality itself is changing - how will we experience and understand reality in future? Presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson discover different ways to experience reality.

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    Video caption: HoloLens 2: Rory goes hands-on

    Rory Cellan-Jones learns how to fix an aircraft using the HoloLens 2 headset.

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    Video caption: How Spatial and augmented reality could change work

    The software allows people to chat and share images, videos and 3D models in augmented reality.