Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon: Police should probe security council leak
National Security Council leak is "too serious a matter" for Whitehall alone, says ex-Defence Secretary.

Brexit deal 'is not legally binding'

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

Former Defence Secretary suggested earlier this week that the Brexit withdrawal deal is doomed and contains no guarantee of smooth trade in the future.

Chancellor Philip Hammond admits: "It is not legally binding but it is politically binding."

But he says: "The deal that we've negotiated sets out a framework for the future partnership and it makes some very specific and clear commitments but the precise binding legal treaty text has still got to be negotiated and of course until that text is finally negotiated and locked down, there will be an element of uncertainty.

Pound slips further against the dollar

Pound graph

The pound has extended its fall against the dollar and is now trading down 0.42% at $1.2754.

Against the euro the pound has fallen 0.28% to €1.1274.

David Cheetham, chief market analyst, at XTB, says that the fall probably has more to do with comments from "former May Loyalist" Sir MichaelFallon who told the BBC's Today programme that the Prime Ministers' Brexit withdrawal deal is as opposed to anything US President Donald Trump had to say about UK-US trade relations.