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As of 10:49 23 Jan 2022
Market cap. US dollars
947,925.59 million
As of 13:10 23 Jan 2022

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  1. Video content

    Video caption: Destroyed Tesla's owner criticises HGV driver fine over Norfolk shed load

    The car's owner says he and his wife could have been killed when a lorry shed its load of slabs.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Lorry driver fined after shed load destroys Tesla in Norfolk

    The £50,000 car was written off when a load of slabs fell from a lorry on a bend in the road.

  3. The Electric Car Revolution: Winners and Losers

    Video content

    Video caption: How ethical is Tesla's supply chain? Darragh MacIntyre investigates.

    Tesla is now worth more than all the other major car makers put together, but how ethical is its supply chain? Darragh MacIntyre meets the African nuns who say Elon Musk’s company must do better.