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Refugee homes in Lebanon have been flooded
More than a third of Lebanon's population is refugees. Storm Norma's left many of their homes flooded.

The man who built his own castle

None of his teachers believed he could do it
Moussa Castle: The man who built his childhood dream
Moussa Al Maamari drew the plans, laid the bricks and made the carvings on the castle walls.

Kendal dental team tends to teeth in Lebanon refugee camp

The two on the right of this picture are Arfan Iqbal, the principal dentist at the Sandes Avenue Dental Surgery in Kendal, and Tracey Topping, a senior dental nurse, in a refugee camp in Labanon where they're providing care for some of the huge numbers who have fled there from the civil war in Syria.

Dental Mavericks team in Lebanon
Dental Mavericks

The two are spending a week in the Middle East, paid for partly by the charity Dental Mavericks, and partly from their own resources and money collected from patients

They will be talking to Mike Zeller at Breakfast on BBC Radio Cumbria at about 08:45 tomorrow morning.

The Lebanese artist painting over Beirut's civil war scars
Lebanese artist Jad El Khoury paints over the civil war bullet holes scarring Beirut's buildings.