Lebanon protests

Lebanon protest: Expats return for Independence Day demonstration
Protestors against corruption and the ruling elite were joined by Lebanese from around the world.

Lebanon protests - "if hope is broken this time, it will be dramatic"

Tech entrepreneur: "24/7 electricity and faster internet could unlock the potential"
As anti-government protests in Lebanon continue, three Lebanese people in London, with business links with the country, chat with the BBC's Ivana Davidovic about what they think went wrong with the economy, what they would like to happen next and their hopes for the "beautiful revolution of unity and innocence."

Photo: A Lebanese woman chants anti-government songs during ongoing anti-government protests in the capital Beirut's downtown district on 10 November 2019. Patrick Baz/Getty Images
Lebanon protests: Confronting the ‘sexualisation’ of women demonstrators
Women have been at the forefront of Lebanon's protests. But some complain they’re attracting attention for their looks, not their message.