1. Kerb-crawling operation 'protecting sex workers'

    Liam Barnes

    BBC News

    Police aiming to stop kerb-crawling in Leicester said a weekend patrol saw 10 people arrested for soliciting for sex.

    The patrols are part of Operation Flatten, which is Leicestershire Police's scheme to gather information on people frequenting De Montfort Street and to prevent people involved in street prostitution from being sexually exploited.

    While carrying out the operation, officers also apprehended a number of suspects for other offences, including a 36-year-old man arrested after it was found he was to be recalled to prison and a 32-year-old man arrested for kerb-crawling also being charged with drink-driving.

    Sgt Amanda Boswell, who leads Leicester's team dealing with sex workers, said the patrols allow officers to build a picture of people who "pose a continued risk".

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  2. German bans on sex work overturned

    Düsseldorf sex workers protest, Aug 2020
    Image caption: Sex workers protested against a ban in Düsseldorf

    Coronavirus has been an unpleasant intrusion into people’s intimacy in all sorts of ways, not least sex.

    German sex workers have won a reprieve – even if it is temporary – as brothels are reopening in several states, including the most populous one, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

    Courts have decided that brothels can operate provided there are strict hygiene rules – like at hairdressers - and prostitutes wear masks with their clients.

    The top court in NRW found one-on-one sex to be no more risky in the pandemic than say aerobics in a gym or a party with dozens of revellers.

    It is also argued that keeping brothels closed risks exposing sex workers to more crime, as they struggle to make ends meet, German media report.

    The crisis has already bankrupted one of Europe’s biggest brothels – 10-storey Pascha in Cologne, where about 120 prostitutes worked, along with cooks and hairdressers.

    Brothels are back in business in five northern states, including Hamburg, and Saxony-Anhalt state in the east.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: How sex workers are surviving

    While governments give aid to their citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic, sex workers have seemingly been forgotten.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Sex workers 'at greater risk of assault'

    Street sex workers are 'at a great risk of violent assault' as lockdown eases, according to charity workers.

  5. Extra government support for women involved in prostitution

    A woman in high heels

    Extra funding has been pledged to support women involved in prostitution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Scottish government said more than £61,000 will be allocated to nine organisations across the country.

    The additional money will enable them to increase their staffing and improve access to support and trauma counselling.

    Community Safety Minister Ash Denham said the lockdown has increased the risk of gender-based violence.

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