Ian Blackford

PMQs: Blackford and May on Tory immigration policies
SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford accuses the Conservatives of sharing ground with the "extremes" of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.
PMQs: Blackford and May on UK and Scotland economies
The SNP's Westminster leader and prime minister clash on competing claims about the post-Brexit UK and Scottish economies.
PMQs: Ian Blackford on Theresa May's devolution review
The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford says Theresa May is “running scared of the people of Scotland" with her review into devolution.
PMQs: Ian Blackford criticises Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson
In a noisy Commons, the SNP's Ian Blackford shouts his criticism of the two men competing to take over from Theresa May.
PMQs: Blackford, Bercow and May on Boris Johnson quotes
The SNP Westminster leader is asked by the Speaker to withdraw claims of racism about quotes from Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson.
Ian Blackford: Conservatives 'lurching further to the extremes'
The Conservative Party is "lurching further to the extremes" during the leadership race, the SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford has said.
Ian Blackford: 'SNP wanted to send a message to Westminster'
The SNP's leader in Westminster, Ian Blackford, said "Labour and the Conservatives have got what they deserved".

Labour and the Conservatives 'got what they deserved'

The leader of the SNP in Westminster Ian Blackford says: "We asked people to vote for the SNP because we want to stop Brexit."

"We have no desire to be dragged out of the EU against our will."

He says Labour and the Conservatives "got what they deserve" and specifically attacks Labour's "constructive ambiguity".

Labour's Jonathan Ashworth accepts that "our position hasn't worked" but adds "I don't think it is dishonourable to try and keep the two sides of the country together."