Man caught with 'drug-making kit' jailed for a year

A man caught with a kit for making the banned synthetic substance Spice has been jailed for a year.

Paul Benson, 48, of Barncroft Avenue, Seaton, Workington, was pulled over by police for driving erratically in west Cumbria last August, and officers found three mobile phones, a set of digital weighing scales, £850 cash and 325 diazepam tablets.

Also located was a herbal material weighing almost half a kilo, which Carlisle Crown Court heard could be "impregnated" with the contents of two bottles of liquid in the car and sold for up to £4,900.

His lawyer Paul Tweddle conceded that Benson had been transporting a "drug-making kit, to make spice".

Benson admitted possessing drugs and substances with intent to supply, criminal property and a fake blue parking badge.

Recovering from Spice addiction

Chrissie Reidy

Reporter, BBC South East Today

Nick Baker began using Spice because it was cheaper than other drugs.

He ended up in prison when his addiction led him to shoplift to feed his habit.

Now in recovery, he describes how this former legal high took over his life.

Synthetic drug Spice 'shouldn't be reclassified' council says

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Plymouth City Council isn't supporting Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner’s call for the synthetic drug Spice to be reclassified from a Class B to Class A.