Extraterrestrial life

  1. Aliens are the size of polar bears (probably)

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    Video caption: If we find other intelligent life in the universe, what should we expect it to look like?

    We haven't found any aliens yet, but just using statistical techniques, we can make some pretty good guesses about what they'll be like if we do. The answers may surprise you.

  2. Have we already found aliens?

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    Video caption: What should scientists do if they come across possible evidence of extraterrestrial life?

    Increasingly, astronomers are finding things that they can't explain. Should they risk their careers and suggest that aliens could be the answer? Jolyon Jenkins investigates

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    Video caption: Several dozen attend Facebook event to storm Area 51

    Only dozens turned up after millions expressed an interested in attending the Facebook event.

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    Video caption: Crop circle 'inventor's' son talks about father's legacy

    Jim's dad Dave Chorley and his friend secretly made hundreds of crop circles at night during the 70s and 80s.

  5. NASA's new mission to search for life in our solar system

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    Video caption: Could Titan - one of Saturn's moons - be home to alien life?

    Could Titan - one of Saturn's moons - be home to alien life?