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Is the party over for the Olympics?

Tokyo 2020's been postponed, but the Olympic movement has been in trouble for a long time
What is the future of the Olympic Games? With a looming global recession many are questioning who really benefits from the Games?  Are they an "exercise in trickle up economy"?

Only one has ever made a profit for the hosts and an increasing number of cities are pulling out of bids because of public pressure. The International Olympic Committee has launched Agenda 2020, admitting that the lavish bidding process and huge costs associated with hosting must be a thing of the past. But is it too little too late? Is the solution a permanent host city? Or even moving the Games back to where it all started - Greece?

Ivana Davidovic discusses the problems and possible solutions with economics professor Andrew Zimbalist, former Olympian and sports politics expert Jules Boykoff, the IOC's Craig Reedie, Luis Fernades from the Rio 2016 organising committee and three-time Olympic gold medallist Marnie McBean.

PHOTO: Fireworks light up the Olympic rings during the Opening Ceremony of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games/Getty Images