New York City

Ex-Norwich rough sleeper exhibits 'anxiety' art in New York
Siris Hill's paintings showing his mental health struggle are gaining worldwide attention.

A Charmed Life: The story of the Wishbone

The haunting legend of wishbones and absent friends in New York's oldest Irish bar.
European immigrants took the folklore of keeping a lucky wishbone with them to the New World, and the tradition is now part of North American culture. This poignant tale connects Ireland, a bar in New York City, and a collection of wishbones over 100 years old.

Series created and produced by Daisy Walsh 
Series directed and shot by Tom Martienssen, edited by Luke André Jackson of Dustoff Films

New York's first hijabi beauty salon

Muslim women can find privacy in this Brooklyn beauty salon
It can be hard for Muslim women who wear the hijab in New York to get their hair and make-up done.

Their hair can only be seen by male members of their family - which means most salons, with male staff and clients, are out of the question. 

They often get their hair done at home instead, or even get put in salon's back rooms to avoid the client being seen by a man. 

That's why Huda Quhshi set her salon up - to create a safe space for women to feel comfortable and feel glamorous.

Video: Joy Ernanny
Producer: Sophia Smith Galer