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Car investment halves as industry hits 'red alert'

Investment in the UK car sector almost halved last year and output tumbled as Brexit fears put firms on "red alert", the industry's trade body said.

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Earlier this month Jaguar Land Rover confirmed it was cutting 4,500 jobs, blaming Brexit uncertainty, a slump in diesel sales, and China's economic slowdown.

The Coventry-based car maker also said it would extend its annual April shutdown by an extra week because of worries that just-in-time deliveries could be disrupted if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.

Labour MP Jack Dromey, whose constituency of Birmingham Erdington is home to Jaguar Land Rover's Castle Bromwich factory, said a strong Brexit agreement was needed to protect the car industry.

The view I get expressed to me the whole time is we voted to leave, we want to leave. We have an obligation to honour the outcome of the referendum but crucially, no-one voted to make themselves poorer and that's why it's absolutely critical that as we leave the European Union, we have a strong agreement that protects Britain's national interest.

Jack Dromey MPLabour, Birmingham Erdington

JLR: 'No-deal Brexit devastating for manufacturing'

Two West Midlands MPs who have Jaguar Land Rover workers in their constituencies say the company's difficulties have been compounded by the continuing uncertainty over Brexit.

Caroline Spelman and Jack Dromey
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Dame Caroline Spelman, Conservative MP for Meriden, and Jack Dromey, Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington, said today's announcement of 4,500 job losses was down to falling sales in China as well as changing consumer attitudes to diesel vehicles.

Earlier this week, a letter organised by the pair was sent to the Prime Minister, urging her to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

A joint-statement from the MPs said "it becomes clearer that if we crashed out of the EU without a deal, announcements like today's would become widespread and would be devastating for British manufacturing".

MPs to meet PM to voice concerns over no-deal Brexit

A cross-party delegation of MPs led by two from the West Midlands is meeting the prime minister to voice concerns over Brexit.

Dame Caroline Spelman and Jack Dromey
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Former Conservative cabinet minister Dame Caroline Spelman says 211 MPs from across the Commons have now signed a letter to Theresa May, urging her to rule out a no-deal outcome.

The MP for Meriden organised the letter with Labour’s MP for Birmingham Erdington Jack Dromey and said Mrs May had invited the group to meet her at Downing Street later.

Brexit: 200 MPs call on Theresa May to rule out no deal

More than 200 MPs have signed a letter to Theresa May urging her to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

It's been organised by two West Midlands MPs, Dame Caroline Spelman, Conservative member for Meriden, and Labour member for Birmingham Erdington, Jack Dromey. They say a no-deal outcome would cause job losses

Those who have lent their name to the letter - including both Leave and Remain supporters - have been invited to meet the PM on Tuesday.

Conservative MP Dame Caroline Spelman and Labour MP Jack Dromey organised the letter
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MPs call to protect manufacturers from 'no deal' Brexit

A group of MPs from the Midlands have signed a letter calling on the government to protect the region's manufacturing industries by not allowing a "no-deal" Brexit.

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The memo to Downing Street says that leaving the EU without an agreement on exporting goods would cause unnecessary economic damage and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Labour's Jack Dromey, who represents Birmingham Erdington, said 62 MPs from four political parties across England, Scotland and Wales have signed.

"A no-deal Brexit would have catastrophic consequences for our economy, for our manufacturing base, for our country, it would make Britain a poorer place to live," he said.

Police cuts are increasing knife-crime, says MP

People in the West Midlands are more vulnerable to attack because of soaring crime and police cuts, an MP has claimed.

Jack Dromey MP

Jack Dromey, the Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington, told Parliament that young constituent, Dan Baird, stabbed outside a pub in Digbeth, had become "one of 253 additional victims in the last 12 months, with knife crime rising 15%".

But the Home Secretary Amber Rudd rejected the claim saying the government had a "comprehensive plan to look at violence and serious violent crime".

"We recognise that the police need their resources," she continue, "but it is about early intervention, and making sure that those knives and guns don't get into the hands of people that can do such damage".

Obscene tax avoidance needs tackling: Labour MP

The Labour MP for Erdington is backing calls for a public inquiry into tax avoidance after the leak of the Paradise Papers, calling the situation "obscene".

Jack Dromey said the time had come to "finally tackle this issue".

Jack Dromey

The Conservative Party says that since 2010, it has secured almost £160bn through tackling tax evasion and avoidance to go towards public services - although Labour disputes that figure.

It is obscene that rich people should seek to get even richer by salting away their billions in offshore bank accounts whilst working people suffer the longest stagnation on wages for 150 years

Jack DromeyLabour MP for Erdington