Mexico City

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    Video caption: Day of the Dead parade returns to Mexico City after Covid

    The James Bond-inspired carnival fills Mexico City with skeletons, dancers and giant sculptures.

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    Video caption: Women in Latin America march for abortion rights

    Thousands of women demonstrate across Latin America for access to legal and safe abortions.

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    Video caption: Mexico earthquake: Lights seen in sky during tremor near Acapulco

    The magnitude-seven quake struck the country's Pacific coast, near the resort of Acapulco.

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    Video caption: Mexico City metro: 'My dad never came home'

    Mexican authorities have promised a full investigation into the collapse of a metro overpass in Mexico City, as questions mount over the line's safety.

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    Video caption: Mexico City metro overpass collapse: Carriages and bridge crumpled

    A metro overpass partially collapses in Mexico City leaving at least 23 people dead, and 70 injured.