Turkey offensive in Syria

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    Video caption: Turkey reiterates military threat to Syria over Idlib withdrawals

    Turkey has pledged military action against Syria if its ultimatum is not met by the end of February.

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    Video caption: Reading pub squatters support Kurdish community

    Squatters living in a derelict pub are offering support to the Kurdish community.

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    Video caption: Trump: I didn't watch 'sham' impeachment hearings

    The US president has again dismissed the impeachment inquiry as a "witch-hunt" and a hoax.

  4. 'Historic mistake': Syrian Kurdish leader on US withdrawal

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    Video caption: Do the Syrian Kurds feel betrayed by the United States?

    Do the Syrian Kurds feel betrayed by the United States?

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    Video caption: Turkey-Syria: 'The heart of my family has died'

    Syrian refugees say some people are being deported from Turkey back to Syria, which Turkey denies.

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    Video caption: Turkey Syria offensive: Kurdish girl loses her leg in Turkey bomb

    The impact of a Turkish bomb on a young Kurdish girl. The blast also killed her brother, but her family haven't been able to tell her.

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    Video caption: Russian military police enter Syrian border town of Kobane

    Their convoy arrived in the border town as part of a deal agreed between Russia and Turkey.