Dog attacks

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    Video caption: Jack Lis' mum speaks of heartbreak at Caerphilly funeral

    The 10-year-old was killed by a dog on 8 November at a house in Caerphilly.

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    Video caption: An increase in dog attacks has meant trauma and huge financial losses for farmers.

    Attacks in the south west cost around 185,000 pounds last year. The increase in attacks is thought to be linked with new dog owners exploring the countryside during the pandemic.

  3. Dog bites police commissioner during leaflet drop

    Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, Alison Hernandez, had a less than positive election day - when she was bitten by a dog while delivering leaflets.

    She later added that she was "fine", praising the "slick" medical staff who took care of her wounded finger.

    Conservative Ms Hernandez is seeking re-election to the post she has held since 2016.

    Thirty nine police and crime commissioners are being elected in England and Wales, but in 12 of the counts - including votes in Torbay where Ms Hernandez is seeking re-election - will not take place until Monday, when the result is also due to be announced.

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