Kim Darroch

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    Video caption: Sir Kim Darroch on President Trump row: 'We're paid to tell it like it is'

    Sir Kim Darroch resigned from his role in 2019 after emails were leaked in which he called the Trump administration "clumsy and inept".

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    Video caption: Brexit: Former ambassador Darroch 'not surprised' at Jones resignation

    Former UK ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darrroch, on the controversy over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the resignation of the government's most senior lawyer.

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    Video caption: Donald Trump praises British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch

    Donald Trump has reacted to the resignation of the UK's ambassador to the US. The US president had called Sir Kim Darroch "a very stupid guy" - but now says he wishes him well.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson on Sir Kim Darroch resignation

    Boris Johnson has responded to criticism that he caused the resignations of the UK's ambassador in America, Sir Kim Darroch.

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    Video caption: Darroch resignation: Sir Alan Duncan critical of Boris Johnson

    Sir Alan Duncan MP says Boris Johnson should have supported Sir Kim Darroch following the resignation of the UK's ambassador to the US.

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    Video caption: PMQs: May and Corbyn on Sir Kim Darroch's resignation

    Moments after the resignation of the UK's ambassador the US, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn pay tribute to his service.