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Ivanka Trump wraps up Africa visit

Larry Madowo

BBC Africa Business Editor, Abidjan

US Presidential Adviser and President Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, is wrapping up her four-day trip to the continent here in Ivory Coast.

She has been on a mission to promote women's economic empowerment with symbolic visits in her first stop in Ethiopia as well as here.

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Ms Trump is due to speak this afternoon at the inaugural Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) West Africa Regional Summit.

She will be joined by leaders of the African Development Bank, the Islamic Bank and the World Bank, as well as American senators Lindsay Graham and Chris Coons, and the head of the US development agency, USAid.

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While she has got a warm welcome from officials in Ethiopia and Ivory Coast, there has been criticism of Ms Trump's trip.

Some have brought up the derogatory comments about Africa reportedly made by President Trump:

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And a comment piece in the Guardian newspaper suggesting that Ms Trump is not interested in advancing reproductive rights of women has got some attention:

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