La Paz landslide destroys homes in Bolivia's capital
Homes in the city of La Paz were destroyed, but no casualties were reported.

‘He separated me from my entire world’

Brisa De Angulo supports young survivors of sexual abuse in Bolivia
At the age of 15, Brisa De Angulo was raped by a member of her extended family while he was staying with her parents. Here she describes the slow, insidious way that her attacker went about isolating her from family and friends before the sexual abuse began. Brisa now runs the Breeze of Hope Foundation, which supports young survivors of sexual violence in Bolivia.

Image: Brisa De Angulo
Credit: Parker Palmer

Romeo: The loneliest frog on earth

Biologist Teresa Camacho Badani spent 10 years searching for a partner for Romeo the frog
Teresa Camacho Badani is a herpetologist, a biologist specialising in amphibians and reptiles. A decade ago, she had a really big find - a very rare frog called a sehuencas water frog. The frog was taken to Teresa's research centre where it stayed, alone. They named him Romeo and in a last ditch attempt to find him a Juliet, set up a dating profile for him, and started a campaign to raise funds and launch an expedition.

Image: Romeo – the sehuencas water frog
Credit: Matias Careaga/Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’Orbigny