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    Video caption: Being black at Cambridge University

    The BBC has followed three black students during their first year at the UK’s University of Cambridge.

  2. Cambridge students to be offered tests without symptoms

    King's College, Cambridge
    Image caption: The University of Cambridge already announced that all lectures will be online

    The University of Cambridge says it will offer students living in college accommodation a weekly coronavirus test - even if they show no symptoms.

    "We are offering testing to asymptomatic students because it is possible for people to spread the virus and infect others even if they are unaware that they themselves are infected," its website says.

    The university says the programme will be voluntary, but it expects most students will take part.

    The tests will be self-administered and students' samples will be pooled into "households" to "reduce the number of samples analysed and make the programme manageable using limited testing capacity".

    Students will be told if their pooled "household" test comes back positive, and offered individual tests.

    Earlier, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said more people in England are seeking tests when they don't have any Covid-19 symptoms - which he described as an "inappropriate" use of the system that makes it harder for people who needed tests to get one.