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Miss Michigan: Why I spoke out about Flint water crisis

Emily Sioma used her Miss America introduction to talk about the water crisis in her state
Miss Michigan Emily Sioma tells OS she used her 10-second introduction at the Miss America competition to draw attention to "something much bigger than herself". She told millions of viewers she was "from the state with 84% of the US fresh water but none for its residents to drink."  Flint has been plagued with a deadly water crisis - caused by lead piping - since 2014.

(Photo: Emily Sioma. Credit: Getty Images).
Aretha Franklin: Family and friends remember the Queen of Soul
Former President Bill Clinton and music legend Smokey Robinson were among the speakers at her funeral.
Fans pay their respects to Aretha Franklin in Detroit
At a wake for Aretha Franklin in Detroit, fans pay melodious tribute to the Queen of Soul.
Human chain forms to save swimmers in Michigan
People on a beach on the shore of Lake Michigan formed human chains to try to rescue swimmers caught in rough water on Sunday.
What is a shelf cloud?
The weather system was captured at Lake Superior, Michigan, in the US.

Poldark preview: T’int right, t’int fair, t’int fit, t’int proper!

Amy Gladwell

BBC News Online

As Cornish super-fans enjoy a special sneak preview of series four, those in the US are turning green with envy.

A group of about 30 flew to the county from across north America recently to tour some of the locations the drama was filmed at.

Melody Stimbert from Michigan told us the show had "changed her life" after the death of her husband and opened up a whole new world of friendships with other fans online.

She had to fly home two days before the preview screening at Redruth cinema on Tuesday evening and wants a Poldark premiere in the US.

Melody Stimbert
Tweet by Melody