DC Comics

Marvel and DC comics: Man sells £350k collection
Martin Morris amassed 36,000 Marvel and DC comics over decades, with one probably worth £10,000.

Uberheroes teach mind over matter

A comic based on real life stories is being used to prevent ill mental health
Shazam lead actor talks to De'Graft about learning to fly
Zachary Levi talks to De'Graft about his new film where he is a 14-year-old teenager who turns into an adult superhero
Ben Affleck

Neil Smith

Entertainment reporter at the Cannes Film Festival

The search is on for a new Dark Knight after the Justice League star appears to hang up his Bat cape.

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Adam Makey

Dougal Shaw

World Hacks, BBC News

Two brothers on the autistic spectrum were looking for work when one had the idea of opening a comic shop. It turned out to be an inspired choice.

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BBC Minute: On DC vs Marvel

Marvel and DC are the two largest and best-known comic creators. But which side is best?
Marvel and DC are the two largest and well-known comic companies. But which side is best? Our comic experts Jack and Kadija go head to head to prove their side is stronger.

(Photo: DC lover Kadija (left) and Marvel fan Jack (right) at Forbidden Planet in London. Credit: BBC)

BBC Minute: On hip-hop Superheroes

Comics and hip-hop have more in common than you might think
Comics and hip-hop. It may not seem like they have much in common, but both born in the US city of New York, they've actually spoken the same language since day one. Urban life, money, fame, social issues - they all run deep between the two worlds. 

(Photo: Nigerian rapper Phlow. Credit: BBC)

BBC Minute: On Superheroes and diversity

Diversity has been a huge talking point in the Superhero world this year
Earlier this year we saw Black Panther break Hollywood’s diversity barriers, and now Aquaman and Spiderman are set to do the same. Diversity has been a a huge talking point in the Superhero world in 2018.

Last year a boss at Marvel blamed diverse characters for a fall in sales, but fans did not agree at all, and fought back. Some think this is why we're now seeing a shift in Hollywood.

(Photo: A fan dressed as Black Panther from Marvel Studios. Credit: Juancho Torres, Getty Images)