Sri Lanka attacks

Sri Lanka violence: Muslim-owned factory ‘decimated’ by mob
A Sri Lankan businessman says he is “living in fear” after anti-Muslim rioters attacked his factory.
Sri Lanka president: IS 'chose Sri Lanka to show they exist'
President Sirisena says the militants targeted a country which had 'recently established peace'.

Muslim monument remembers Easter Sunday victims

'Everyone needs a place to go... amidst all this crazy horror'
"We Stand Together. We are Sri Lanka."  This is the message behind a new makeshift monument in a children's park in Colombo which was created by Minha Akram, a Muslim Sri Lankan designer and businesswoman.  

More than two hundred and fifty people were killed following the attacks by Islamist extremists on Easter Sunday, just over a week ago. Minha told Newsday what was the inspiration behind the monument.

(Pic: Muslim monument to the Easter Sunday victims; Credit: Minha Akram)