Second man arrested in Carlisle 'slavery' inquiry

The Gangmaster's Authority has arrested a second man over allegations a 58-year-old man was kept in a small shed and exploited for 40 years at a residential site near Carlisle.

Man being put in police van

Officers from the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and Cumbria Police said a 79-year-old man arrested last autumn had been released under investigation.

A 53-year-old man has now been arrested on suspicion of similar offences.

Specialist help has been given to the victim who was thought to have spent all his adult life in a six-feet long shed.

Officials have renewed an appeal for information about the case.

Charity 'shocked' at level of modern day slavery

Fifty six victims of modern day slavery have been helped by a Birmingham charity in two years.

Sifa Fireside
Sifa Fireside

Sifa Fireside in Birmingham said it's shocked at the increasing numbers of vulnerable people forced to work for a pittance.

The charity's calling for more resources to tackle the problem.

Chief executive Carly Jones said "several victims" are presenting themselves on a daily basis.

"Our figures are just the tip of the iceberg," she added.