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Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 46 Total councillors 46 Change+2


Elected in 2018 14 Total councillors 14 Change-2
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Councils rake in millions after selling off public land

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Both Waltham Forest and Redbridge councils have made substantial sums selling off public land.

Between 2014 and 2018, Waltham Forest Council sold off nine sites gaining a total income of £29,641,578.

During the same period, Redbridge Council sold off 10 sites and made £942,543 from the sales.

In Waltham Forest, land sold off included St Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Walthamstow, sold to the Catholic administrative body Chelmsford Diocese, for more than £1 million.

Willowfield School in Walthamstow was also sold to an academy company for £5 million.

In one sale, the council sold off a car park in Walthamstow for a massive £21 million to a development firm for new housing to the built on the site.

In Redbridge, sites sold off included flats, houses and reservation strips at the back of people’s houses.

The council even had a statutory sale of the Thames Water Pumphouse, which was sold to Thames Water Utilities for just £1.

A spokesman for Waltham Forest Council explained the authority has been selling off “underused” property and land across the borough to enable it to deliver more homes, commercial and leisure space.

They said: “The money gained from these sales has gone onto pay for improving services and facilities that our residents rely on including refurbished Children and Family Centres, Adult Learning Services as well as new sports facilities such as the Feel Good centre’s in Leyton and Walthamstow.

“We will continue to reduce our estate in order to prioritise funding for the services that residents rely on and ensure that the we have the homes and commercial space that Waltham Forest needs.”

Council admits sending pension data to wrong residents

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Pensioners’ private and confidential information has been unwittingly handed out to the public by Waltham Forest Council.

“A “printing error” lead to pensioners receiving their P60 forms, which on one side featured their own, correct form and on the reverse a stranger’s P60 form, complete with their national insurance details, addresses and other private information.”

The mistake was spotted by one Walthamstow resident, James O’Rourke, whose mother-in-law received a double-sided P60 with someone else’s details on the reverse.

He flagged it with the council on Facebook and said: “It appears Waltham Forest Council has yet again been frivolous with its residents’ data.

“My mother-in-law, a former council employee, received her pension P60 this week. To her horror it had been printed upon on both sides, the reverse side being another person’s P60.

“A few days later she received another P60 with an attached letter. No reassurance as to whether her data has not been so sloppily dealt with.

“This is not the first time the council has breached the Data Protection Act this year, so the Information Commissioner’s Office must take immediate action and the ultimate person responsible taken to task.”

The attached letter from the council said: “As you are aware, every year you receive your Pension P60 detailing your annual pension earnings.

“Due to an error with our printing partners a small number of these were printed with information on the reverse relating to another customer. We sincerely apologise for this error.

“Please destroy the P60 you were sent originally immediately and securely, using a home shredder if possible.

“You can also send this to the council if you would like us to destroy this for you. “I can assure you we are taking steps to prevent any future occurrences of this type of error in the future.”

Correction 31 May 2019: An earlier version of this entry wrongly said that bank details were among those included from a stranger’s P60 form and this has since been removed.

Council support needed to clear knives off streets

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Knives collected in amnesty box
Courtnay Barratt
The 19 knives collected in an amnesty box

A volunteer group that managed to take 19 blades off the streets this weekend alone is calling for council support.

Binning Knives Saves Lives is a campaign headed by people who give up their free time to talk to young people and their families about the dangers of carrying knives.

They take an amnesty box around the borough, and persuade young people to hand over knives they are carrying.

On Saturday 18 May alone the group collected 19 blades, ranging from small pocket knives to a machete-like blade.

The group believes it is doing valuable work, but is becoming frustrated by a lack of support from Waltham Forest Council.

Courtney Barratt, a member of the campaign, said: “I am wondering why we have had no help from Waltham Forest Council if they are backing new anti-knife crime organisations.

“We have surpassed other organisations in successfully getting through to parents and youths, making them aware of the dangers of owning and carrying knives. We take loads of knives off the streets of Waltham Forest with our Knife Amnesty Bin.

“We are inundated with other organisations and councils wanting us at their events because they have seen us on the news and see the good work we do and the success we have had.

“We have got this far totally unfunded, and I have paid for everything myself. Now my money has run out so we are extremely concerned that we will not be able to continue what we do for much longer.”

Waltham Forest Council did not respond to a request for comment.

Hospital revamp plans include reducing the number of beds

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Whipps Cross Hospital

Campaigners are worried plans to redevelop a century-old hospital could leave it with fewer beds.

Barts Health Trust is planning to give Whipps Cross Hospital a makeover as part of a multi-million pound series of improvement works.

According to one of the trust’s planning documents, Whipps Cross currently has 573 beds, but 67 beds could be removed to create more space.

However, another planning document released by the trust says there are 589 beds in the hospital.

Campaign group Waltham Forest Save Our NHS (WFSONHS) is holding a public meeting tomorrow to discuss the proposals and confusion over the figures, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

A spokesman for the group said: “A new Whipps Cross Hospital would be fantastic and efforts by local bodies to get this off the ground is to be supported."

But he said the number of beds in the hospital was already "insufficient" and that plans to get rid of some beds come “despite the local population projected to increase by the equivalent of a city size of Cardiff".

Barts Health Trust said it would involve the public as much as possible when drawing up final plans.

Alastair Finney, Whipps Cross redevelopment director, added: “Many of our hospital’s buildings pre-date the NHS itself and are in real need of redevelopment."

"We want to create a thriving health and care campus providing the very best care for local people alongside a wide range of facilities to keep them well," he added.

“We don’t have any approved plans yet and still need to secure funding, so over the next few months we will be undertaking detailed work with our staff, with local people and with government to determine the exact size and scale of a future hospital at Whipps Cross and the supporting services around it."

Events mark Waltham Forest becoming Borough of Culture

Four facts you didn't know about Waltham Forest

A three-day celebration is to mark the beginning of Waltham Forest becoming London's first Borough of Culture.

The Welcome to the Forest event will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening and will see giant light installations and a winter carnival.

The Borough of Culture programme was launched by Sadiq Khan "to put culture at the heart of local communities."

The borough's council said it would be "the biggest party that Waltham Forest has ever seen."