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No more free wifi with your latte

Coffee shops are taking a stand against customers who hog their tables to work
You get to your favourite coffee shop, fantasizing about that frothy latte and perhaps a bite to eat. You open the door and gasp with horror. A sea of laptops is spread out in front of you. Every seat is taken by people who camp out for hours using your favourite cafe as a home office.

It's not just frustrating for customers. People coming into cafes to use their laptops and the free wifi can also cost businesses money. And some are taking a stand against it, as Elizabeth Hotson has been finding out.

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Coke's plans for Costa

Ms Brittain explains Coca-Cola's rationale for buying Costa.

"They want the coffee product, they have no coffee in their range," she tells the Today programme.

She thinks the beverage giant will use Costa to create "ready to drink, cold brew coffees".

"You could see Costa absolutely everywhere, in vending machines, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes - in all the places you see Coke today."

BBC Minute: On caffeine concerns

Why is there talk about the amount of caffeine young people consume?
It's fine in moderation, but excessive amounts of caffeine can cause anxiety, panic attacks, and problems sleeping.

Now there are concerns that young people are having too much of the stimulant.

England is considering banning the sale of energy drinks to under-18s, while South Korea is suggesting a ban on coffee in schools. 

BBC health reporter Alex Therrien explains what you need to know about caffeine consumption.

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Coffee war brews in the land of tea
Luckin Coffee, a new chain in China where customers must pay by app, is taking on traditional cafes.

Wild coffee in Kafa

A coffee-lover's Garden of Eden

The coffee ceremony

The heart of Ethiopian society

Alun is very happy with his new flask

Alun Newman has just celebrated a birthday and received some lovely gifts.