Andrew Murrison

Theresa May insists 'Salisbury is safe'

Theresa May at PMQs on 25 April 2018

The Prime Minister has insisted that "Salisbury is safe", as the decontamination of nine locations in the city begins.

Responding to a question from former defence minister Andrew Murrison at Prime Minister's Questions, Theresa May told MPs that residents had no need to take any additional precautions as a several months-long clean-up operation begins.

Dr Murrison, the MP for South West Wiltshire, said: "What more can be done to expedite the clean-up so that life in South Wiltshire can return to normal as soon as possible?"

The PM said: "Cordons are in place to protect the public while decontamination work is carried out on the sites.

"After decontamination is undertaken at each site, sampling will be carried out to ensure that these sites are safe to be released back to the public.

"The need to expedite this work is well recognised but we want, of course, to ensure it is done in a way that those sites will in the future be available to the public and will be safe for the public."